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What about social pay-per-click marketing?

Now you can market to prospects right in their timeline/live feed on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Social PPC does not target prospects the same way that Google does. You can choose not to target keywords at all and can focus on targeting aspects in your target’s profile such as: age, sex, location, by connection type and more… Sites like LinkedIn allow you to hone-in and focus on specific industries and professions with your ad targeting for example.

The really cool thing about the evolution of social PPC is that, in the past, it was offered through paid ads that would often appear in the sidebar of a prospect’s social profile, whereas now ads will appear right in the prospect’s timeline. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have all diversified their ad types as well.

We offer programs to set-up and maintain your social PPC advertising.

Social PPC ad types

  • Sidebar paid ads – regular paid ad that appears in the sidebar and generally links to your webiste
  • Timeline paid ad/promote website – this ad appears in the prospect’s timeline and generally links to your website
  • Sponsored post – paid promotion of a post, tweet, status update so that it appears in target’s timeline feed
  • Sponsored page – paid promotion of your page which asks prospects to follow you, enabling you to soft market to them on an ongoing basis and to gain expsoure to their connections


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