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Turn-key Social Media Marketing Services

It’s no longer a question of “if” you need social media…

The question is how do you have a campaign that get’s results, is consistent, but not resource consuming?

MarketingForce-on-LinkedinYour website and social media are your online bricks and mortar. You should put as much care into your online bricks and mortar as you do your physical locations – in both look and feel as well as in promotion.
The keys to successful social media are:

  • A strong plan – what do you want to achieve and where do you want the focus to be?
  • Quality content
  • Optimization for search
  • Correct content formatting for social networks
  • Correct post frequency for social networks

Our programs offer you a complete hands-off solution that leaves us with the legwork and you only have to get involved at critical decision points like planning, approving content or addressing a message or post from a prospect.


Just like building a home, your online marketing will need a foundation. These are your presences that people will visit and follow. You need to have the right types of presences on the right sites according to your prospect and industry.

We manage your blog and all of your social media accounts:

Our basic programs include:
Dedicated team member to support you and your social media initiatives
Consultation on campaign planning and preparation of content release schedule
Weekly blog content that credits you as the author and that you can repurpose as you see fit
Optimization of content for SEO
Formatting of content for different social media platforms
Monitoring of comments and messages on social presences
Weekly posting of content to blog and social presences
A stock image with each blog
Weekly and quarterly reporting


Enhance your basic program to accelerate your objectives on specific social networks that you want to target. You can add to your basic program to achieve these goals.

LinkedIn Enhanced Program
  • Initiate company/industry group
  • Participate and engage in other groups
  • Create weekly discussions, share and link to blogs
  • Target new connections
  • Send sales messages
  • Paid ad
Facebook Enhanced Program
  • Initiate company/industry group
  • Participate and engage in other groups
  • Create weekly discussions, share and link to blogs
  • Boosting of posts
  • Paid ad
Twitter Enhanced Program
  • Daily Tweets
  • Follow PR opportunities
  • Follow targets
  • Paid Tweets
  • Target prospects with @ in Tweets

What others are saying

We have used Marketing Force’s social media services for the past 5 years. Marketing Force has revolutionized the way that we market and their efforts have been responsible for raising our online corporate profile and new relationships that have led to significant business growth. President for Canada International Retail Merchandising Company

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