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Frequently Asked Questions


> Is doing social media in-house cheaper than outsourcing it?

No. To run an effective social media campaign you would need the following resources:

  • A strong marketing background
  • Experience in SEO
  • HTML experience
  • Experience working with all social media
  • Experience using Photoshop
  • University level writers
  • Experience researching content and more…

Outsourcing social media with Marketing Force is a fraction of the cost of an entry level employee on an annual basis – never mind the idea having to find a single person who possesses all of the skills outlined above.

> Do I really need social media?

Even if you don’t plan to use your social media to generate leads, you still need to maintain a presence. Why? Many people now do their searching and interacting from within social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… Without a presence on these social networks you have less online credibility and authority.

Social media enables you to maintain a constant brand presence online and makes you more accessible to both contacts and prospects.

> Is social media SEO?

Let’s look at what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. In its simplest definition, SEO is the act of optimizing content for search. This involves researching keywords and ensuring that content has those words placed in the right places.

Social media involves having presences on high volume social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and then maintaining those presences by engaging followers by posting content they are interested in.

All of our social media content is search engine optimized.


> Is Marketing Force an SEO company?


The funny thing is, many SEO companies are trying to re-brand themselves as digital marketing companies that specialize in social media! Why? Well, over time marketers have come up with techniques to get content to rank by looking for things that the search algorithms give weight to and then focusing there. This spawned the boom of SEO companies who collected money monthly to deploy these techniques for clients, most often downplaying the risks.

Search engines like Google are profitable because of companies who pay for paid ads. The issue is that when this starts to happen, Google catches on and simply changes the algorithm. This is what happened in 2011 with Panda, in 2012 with Penguin, and in 2013 with Hummingbird.

Companies who spent 10s of thousands on their organic social media quickly found themselves with penalties on their websites and so SEO companies began losing clients en masse.

The few bigger Canadian SEO companies that survived the algorithm changes began their rebranding initiative to avoid being viewed as strictly SEO companies. Again, why? Because the trust was gone. The problem for you is that these companies are risk takers and often won’t tell you the intimate details of what they do for you.

For example, a new SEO technique being used by these companies is guest blogging. This is the promise that your blog will be shared on high credibility news sites and linked back to your website. Try asking exactly what sites? Do I get credited as the writer of my blog? Who writes my blog and what is the approval process? Start asking these questions and you will see how ambiguous SEO companies can be.

Marketing Force is a digital communication company that has specialized in social media as a core business since 2008. While we optimize all content and put strong emphasis on SEO and seeing your blogs come up on search – we write to gain followings, engage followers and increase your online exposure – naturally and organically!

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