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Digital Brand Management *NEW

A New and Powerful Partnership

We have teamed up with Storesupport Canada, a national retail merchandising firm, to provide some of the most cutting-edge programs for brands that want to manage and accelerate their customers’ online experiences.

This partnership means that you are not working with ‘just another digital agency’. Together we understand the unique needs of CPG brands with regard to merchandising and customer experiences and keeping consumers loyal to your brand.

Digital Brand Management

We manage your online communities, reputation and marketing, both on your owned digital assets and on third party platforms and review sites.

Many brands confuse digital brand management with social media marketing. In fact, digital brand management covers a variety of critical areas that brands need to focus on if they want to remain competitive.

These areas include:

  • Community management and social listening
  • Reputation and crisis management
  • Social media marketing
  • The role your workforce plays in your digital footprint

Digital brand management extends beyond the presences you own and reaches out to cover the above areas as far as what is happening on third party sites, such as your retailers’ social platforms.

For more information about digital brand management and to develop a customized solution that works for your brand, please reach out to us today.

Digital Brand Ambassadors

We connect your online communities to your in-person events.

Events are an excellent opportunity to connect with communities and the public at large. This is a prime reason why brands invest in brand ambassadors – to ensure that consumers have great experiences with their brand when at events.

Our digital brand ambassadors perform many of the tasks that an on-site brand ambassador would perform – only digitally. This could mean:

  • Live tweeting on your Twitter account and sharing event #s to drive traffic to your booth
  • Live promotion on Facebook and other social platforms promoting contests
  • Answering questions from your online audiences in real time at the event
  • Taking photos at the event and sharing them on Instagram, Snapchat and other social media

The reason these tasks are performed by digital brand ambassadors is because a digital brand ambassador is trained not just to understand your product, but also how to communicate it within the various digital communities to take advantage of specific formatting and targeting.

We offer this service both on-site and remotely, depending on your needs. To learn more about our digital brand ambassadors, please reach out to us today.

Digital Retail Merchandisers

We ensure that the online merchandising of your products and services is as great as your in-store merchandising.

Retail merchandising is critical to brands because the cost to a brand is big when product is out of stock, mispriced, not located according to the planogram, etc. If a consumer can’t easily access your product, they can quickly shift loyalty to the competition.

The same is true when customers are shopping online. If a retailer’s e-commerce site has run out of your product’s stock, ads are not positioned where they need to be, products are not listed under the right categories, etc., this can present a huge issue. Online consumers are arguably even less patient than a consumer who attends a retail store. If they can’t find your product, they may be quick to find a competitor’s. They may also decide to go and share a negative experience online as it relates to the accessibility of your product.

Our digital retail merchandisers routinely review your retailers’ sites to ensure that your product is being represented the way that you expect it to be and to correct issues if it is not!

To learn more about our digital retail merchandisers, please reach out to us today.



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