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Courtney McElroy – Founder and CEO


Inbound-Conference-86Courtney is the founder and CEO of Marketing Force, a digital marketing and communication company that she founded 7 years ago that helps companies stay on the leading edge of digital marketing trends and engage in inbound and social media marketing that works!

Among Courtney’s many accomplishments is her experience as a senior executive at a large organization where she developed and created marketing strategies for new lines of business that led the company to new growth exceeding 75 million dollars in capital during her tenure.

Courtney is an entrepreneur who has been involved in a number of successful ventures, one of which is EasyCourt, Canada’s first national, online, fully automated SaaS based solution where consumers and businesses alike can create their small claims court forms with ease.

Courtney is also a speaker and writer who has been heard on AM640, The Customer Experience Show, The Financial Technology Show, among other widely recognized forums.

In her spare time Courtney mentors other young up-and-coming entrepreneurs, loves to dance, spend time with her beloved dog Bobby and travel.

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