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Are you a skilled writer/editor? We have an exciting new opportunity.

Our company is growing and we are looking for a full-time writer / editor. If you are interested in the position click here for full position details.  

Individuals & Local Businesses in Canada and the Dominican Republic Save a Local Man’s Life – Feel Good Story of the Day!

Meet Super Mario. Mario is a Dominican Man who earns less than $200 Canadian per/mo. and lives in conditions that you and I could not. Unfortunately one of the fallbacks to living in a 3rd world country and being poor is it is not difficult to get sick, very sick and…

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A Culture of Conversion: Social Media for Business

With the continued growth of social media, social networks in their various forms have come to represent a very important marketing and advertising medium, particularly for small business. The sheer number of individuals reachable through social media makes this avenue a perfect opportunity for ROI through social influence. We have…

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