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Blog posts about Social Media For Business

Success with Social PPC: An Update

Pay-per-click advertising has, for many businesses, presented a very viable opportunity when it comes to online marketing. Essentially purchasing online ad space means a company can effectively target a certain group of consumers, paying only when the ad is clicked on. Traditional PPC has been around for a while, but…

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Welcome Home Storesupport – Marketing Force Checks In

Marketing Force was out on the road this week, checking in with our client Storesupport at their beautiful new office! Here are some pics from our visit and brainstorming session! Great new meeting room – very motivational – or that could just be the people!   Sara and some of…

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Twitter 101: How to Use “Twitter for Business”

Over the last few years, Twitter has grown from a small, somewhat obscure platform to a social media powerhouse. Individuals, from very early on, have learned to harness the power of the tweet, learning how to use Twitter for business with overwhelming results. This knowledge, however, doesn’t just happen on…

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